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We build, test, deploy, and maintain custom mobile applications. We're always perfecting our development process, which leads to smarter apps and a low-stress experience.

We work with you to think through the intricacies of your idea by using tools like product roadmaps, wireframes, mockups, and user stories.

At BuckIT, we focus on stress-free software development by using best-of-breed agile development processes to deliver exceptional project management and of course code to your organization.

Once your product launches, we'll continue to build features and support the application as necessary.


Augmented Reality for Real Estate
CRM for Real Estate
Property Listing on PropLensTM


  1. Concept Sketching
    BuckIT is a service development company .Whether your app is lean and simplistic or an advanced app with all the bells and whistles, We will bring your ideas from concept to completion.
  2. Research & Strategies
    The R&S stage is where your concept will actually start taking shape. By applying the proper tools and resources we will provide a customized approach to every facet of the app building process. We keep you involved in every step of design and development to ensure that you are constantly meeting or exceeding your goals.
  3. Wire-Framing
    At this stage, we focus on fine-tuning and modifying the user experience.
  4. User Interface Design
    After completing the wire-framing, the experts within BuckIT's UI design team will convert the wireframes into clean and attractive interfaces. The ease and quality of UI design is what steers consumers towards App Store downloads and purchases.
  5. Development
    Once the user wire-framing has been completed, the development team will start coding your application. Server components will be taken into account during the process to streamline development time and to avoid any complications.
  6. Testing
    During the development stage, we take a methodical and organized approach to guarantee superior quality and efficiency in the operation of your application.
  7. App Store Submission
    Submitting applications to their appropriate stores is the last step in the development process, and WE will take care of that too. You create the company account on the proper platform, and we will handle everything else!

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